Hurricane Dean

Thank you god, South Padre, Best Kiteboarding, and Jeff Hoxtell!  Whooo hoooo!!!!!!

Today was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had, and certainly the best I’ve had in South Padre so far! The waves were more than triple overhead, and pushing quad overhead on the outside. What an awesome day! Got to fly an 11m Best Waroo Pro, a strapless SurfTech JC 6′4″ surfboard, the new Spleen surfboard thing with straps, and that one super concave Ocean Rodeo board. I got a solid four hours in before it got dark and I got eaten by a wave.  I broke everything except me and the board. My kite is shredded, every one of my lines broke, and the end of my bar broke off too!  Wait, wait, my harness is still working too. It was all worth it though!

Yeeee haawwwww!

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