Old House by the River

About a week and a half ago, I was exploring new area’s of Arequipa while Lucia was at her internship. I found this very old house by the river in ruins. Half of the house looked to be about 200-300 years old, while the addition to the house looked only 70-100 years old. The house was huge; an old hacienda by the river with lots of acreage around it, which apparently, due to the bright green color of the alfalfa, was still being farmed. As I walked through the ruins, it was obvious that in it’s current condition, the house had been used as a weekend party place for unscrupulous teenagers, drug users, and the like.

It was fun imagining how the house would have looked in it’s prime, and all the stories that would have occurred in it’s presence. The girls of the family being married off to men they didn’t love, or perhaps sneaking out of the house at night into the courtyard or farmland, to fornicate with the men they did love. This Hacienda could have been filled with the dramas of Latin life in colonial Peru, or perhaps, filled with the severities of a rich, foreign, land owner, living his dream, only to have it collapse on him over time and his family forgotten. Either way, the house filled my imagination, and I enjoyed it immensely.

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