Bull Fun

Damn, today was cool.  We went to see an Arequipenian fair, with a bull fight included.  Two bulls fight each other, because they are male and they want to win.  It was fuckin’ cool.  They fight for a short time until one of them runs away.  It’s pretty exciting when one runs, because it runs to one of the four corners of the arena.  If you are like me, then you’re are standing at one of those four corners and are in for a nice adrenaline rush, with a little sprinting action thrown in.

After the fights, we went to Lucia’s cousin’s pisco stand at the fair.  Her cousin, Omar, owns the company La Hacienda del Abuelo, and he is an expert wine and pisco maker.  His stand was open later than all the others, and we left only when security said it was time.  After the fair, we went to Omar’s wife, Maria’s house, for Lucia’s Uncle’s birthday.  We drank the best quality pisco until we couldn’t walk much anymore.  It was a great day of new adventures.

In the picture to the right, I was scared shitless, because the last time I tried to get this picture, the bull turned it’s horns on me within about two feet from my face.  Of course, I jumped and ran behind the gate.  I don’t know how close it looks in the picture, but in real life, if that bull turned its head towards me again, its head would touch me.  It was pretty cool, since the owners let me go behind the gate to get this picture.  I wish I could have gotten some shots of this bull in action, but by the time it was his turn to fight, my camera battery had gone dead.  I actually bet 5 soles on this bull, but the fight was a draw between him and his competitor, so no money was exchanged.

This last picture is my favorite of the day.  The chacareros are watching the next fighting bull as it approaches over the hill, during sunset.

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