Bye Bye Ringtones with Apple’s Catalina MacOS 10.15

Apple decided that custom ringtones were not going to be a part of macOS Catalina. This is the problem.

It’s great that Apple has finally heard the deafening sounds of iTunes lovers, revolting against the totalitarianism that iTunes has become and perpetuated for more than 5 years!

iTunes is now dead, and has been divided into 4 different apps . . . Music, Podcasts, TV, and Finder.

Great, except that Tones is gone too. Is this intentional? . . . absolutely. It’s unlikely that this is just the common ineptitude that governments, companies, and individuals commonly make, but Apple has never been immune to that either, for the record.

Apple went out-of-the-way to make sure Tones was still a part of Mojave, even if the implementation of keeping customs ringtones was clunky and clearly a sign of future removal.
I wish I could say “deprecation,” instead of removal, but that would mean that something had replaced Tones, but nothing, currently has.
Say goodbye to your Mac being able to have custom ringtones that are able to sync to your iPhone.

If you don’t believe me, just call 1-800-My-Apple and ask apple themselves. I already did and the official answer is what I’m writing about.

If you care about your custom ringtones syncing to your iPhone, then please send feedback to Apple at:

Good Luck,
-Erik Stone

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