Christina, My first love . . . whatever the fuck that is.

I didn’t lose my virginity to her. I lost my virginity to Nikki.

Nikki was a military slut from Arkansas. I knew she wanted to fuck, because she made it clear enough for a high school boy to understand . . . . which means it was really, fucking, clear. A woman after my own heart. So beautiful. Thanks Nikki . . . your tits were the best, as you know!
I’m a tits man to this day.

The girl that I liked most, was Christina. She played a bloody, ballerina at the school’s Halloween Haunted House. Her personality didn’t really coincide with mine. She’d been at the school for years, and I was a new arrival. I never had the courage to even get to know her. Sorry babe, but we both know that my insatiable desire for sex would have worn you out in a couple weeks.

Nikki and I made out in some really epic places. I did progress through some bases . . . like third base.
I had a couple other girls that liked me. Jackie was really nice to me. She gave me a Red Hot Chili Peppers album that she said she hated. Nothing says love, more than giving away your crappy shit . . . to a person you like, when you are 16 years old. Thanks Jackie . . . . seriously, because you were able to communicate what you wanted from me, and I actually understood it. I had already been man-raped by other girls at that point, and I knew nothing of any of this stuff, but I loved every minute of it . . . except . . .

For Jessica.
We went to Sadi Hawkins dance together. I didn’t know what the fuck that was, and actually, I still don’t what the fuck Sadi Hawkins dance is. It was still super cool. I got to go to a dance with this smart girl that I though was pretty hot. She is probably fatter than me, now, which is saying a lot, but at 17, she had the perfect proportions.

Ok, so this is the intro to a book, I guess. Fuck.

You guys probably want to know about Christina, the one in the title. She was a drug addict and her Dad killed himself just after I started dating her.

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