Oscars 2020

I have no idea how a couple of these movies made it into the Oscars for Best Picture this year.

Ford v Ferrari

Oh wait, I lied.

I do have an idea.

They were token nominations to support the new foreign language films that are to come. Anyone want to take a bet that next year it won’t be a foreign language film? $500?

If the Oscars had nominated the typical, insane, feminist, racist, misandristic, gay, transgender, anti-conservative, narratives that they have been for the last 16 or so years, then they would have felt a massive backlash from . . . well, everyone actually.
This way, they only hear it from the rare people, who are able to see through their game.
Most Conservatives will be happy that there were a couple films that got nominated, that weren’t overly insane. They are shocked, actually . . . and I admit, I’m pretty shocked too.
This took a lot of effort from the crazies in Hollywood.

Like the Nevada referendum on the ballot that made recreational marijuana legal, it’s a dual edged sword. Like liquor licenses in Nevada, a marijuana license to grow, sell, or deliver, is a way to print money, and government cronyism is 100% in control.

Yes, you made a couple good films that weren’t completely insane. You win a cookie, and thank you. I enjoyed them both.

“Parasite” is the biggest shit stain on a pair of underwear that’s been worn for the last 20 years.

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