President Elect Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden

America has never existed without controversy, and that is a trend that will continue, until its death.

Joe is definitely the most corrupt President Elect that America has had in my lifetime. That is saying a lot, because Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were also President of the United States. Americans couldn’t get enough of the sleazy, used car salesman style that Bill was renowned for, nor could they get enough of the racism that Obama peddled.

Joe has been in the government, nearly his entire adult life. Smart people might see that as a red flag. Others don’t see that as a problem, or actually, they might see that as a benefit. Either way, Joe Biden is one of the most experienced politicians in America today.

My predictions:

Joe Biden will live for at least 4 years. He has the money from taxpayers from his entire adult life to keep himself alive, like a Hollywood star. Some people say he will be murdered, but those people don’t really know how politics works. It’s best if they keep him alive.

The Swamp will make nearly all the decisions for him. He is the perfect figurehead, like the Queen of England, but without the intelligence, morality, and diligence.

He won’t destroy the country, massively more than other Democrat Presidents have in the last 35 years.

He will hurt Americans a lot. He will create more agencies like the TSA, FBI, or the IRS, that will hurt Americans for decades and which won’t be abolished. He will continue the depression that was created when tyrannical, Democrat Governors destroyed their state economies, but those effects will only come to serious fruition toward Biden’s second and third year. People think that the shit has hit the fan now, which is only partially true, because the shit show has just started.

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