SARS-Covid-2 and Covid-19

Your State Government wants to restrict you, unconstitutional and they have, if you are in 44 states.

My first piece of advice is to run from government tyranny. Have a plan to get the fuck out of the tyranny that you are experiencing; especially if you are getting fucked by your Governor or Mayor right now. You can return once they are dead . . . from their virus . . .

Your vote has consequences . . . for you Democrats who are fleeing your Totalitarian States, we welcome you, but you have to assimilate. If you don’t, we’ll kick you back to the places you already destroyed, with fervor.

My March 26th prediction: “Infection rates in the US will be between 100 and 350 million people. There won’t be more than 100,000 deaths in the US, from SarsCov2.
The number of deaths from this government shutdown . . immeasurable.”

That being said, the death rate will be revised to be, at minimum, 1/3 less than what they are reporting today, and likely 2/3 less, if they are honest . . . which isn’t likely. All deaths with Covid-19 infected patients are being reported as false Covid deaths. People are dying of what they always have, but it’s all reported as Covid-19.
As of today, I predict that Covid-19, will not be statistically different in death rate, than the most serious flu, every recorded.

This shows how dumb Americans are, hoarding toilet paper, instead of water and guns. China and other countries will use this again, and again, and again. This is a new era for Americans to wake up to.
Obviously, this was China’s incompetence to release this while testing of this virus in their Wuhan facility, or it was intentional. Either way, China has used it to the same effect, to test Western powers, and to effectively activate their Communist Governors and Mayors in the US, and their Communist leaders in the world.

This is several steps beyond government tyranny in America.
I will stand up.
The government will put me on their watch lists and try to take me down.
However, that can’t happen if we are a people that stick together.
When they come for you or me, we will fight, not with the fist, but with knowledge, guns, and more.
If you haven’t read the Constitution, especially the first and fourteenth Amendments, read them now:

This government power grab is nothing new or special . . . it’s run of the mill, as always and this time, needs to be backed up with force. Your government will attack with force, when individuals or we all exercise our constitutional rights.
Get ready for a fight . . . I pray and hope that we won’t need one, but we need to be ready to fight the government that has not only destroyed your job, but the one that is coming for you with violence.

This won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last time.