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Snowboard the street.  Forget long-board skateboarding, Freebord.

The best privacy that you are going to get in the USA.

Awesome Links

This is what I used to learn HTML, and what I use for HTML reference

A Little Humility at the Crossroads

A little humility on climate change from Wesley Pruden

Why Men Rape

A rational view of why men “rape.”.

Pretty self explanatory.

A little dose of reality to bring you back to it, or to it for the first time.  (After 12 years, the creator has moved on.)

Thomas Sowell

The best modern Economist alive today.  Beware, a dose of reading Thomas Sowell, may leave you highly rational, educated, and knowledgeable.

Pretty Good Links

Native Camels of North America

An explanation of phony Invasive species “science.”  In the Cayman Islands, they love killing green iguanas and lionfish.  In Australia, it’s the crown of thorns starfish.

News Article about Atlas Shrugged

How Atlas Shrugged predicts a contemporary collapse of America.

Versed Busters

Information on the drug Versed.

Beware Some Psychologists

An article that describes exactly why you should be diligent in finding the right psychologist.

Pregnancy Due Dates

Good information on pregnancy due dates.

What Happens to Children that Nobody Wants?

A great read if you want to depress yourself and/or a dose of reality.

Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple

It wasn’t Kool Aid that killed those people.

The Nanking Massacre

A view of war.

Nomad Capitalist

Running from US extortion and Socialism?

50 Reasons to Oppose Flouridation

Yeah, the toxic waste that you are drinking . . . . is toxic.