Zero of LWRC IC-A5

Long overdue, I just bought my first AR-15.

For all the lovers of the gas impinged design, let me just say, I love Conservatives, and I am one, but only in regard to politics.

There isn’t anyone that says LWRC’s M6 is crap.
Everyone agrees that the nickle-boron carrier is pimp.
Fully ambidextrous is a rare thing.

I’ve shot 300 rounds on my new rifle.  My friends from Minnesota tell me that I should spend as much or more on my scope as I did on the rifle.  A $2000+ scope seems a waste to me.  Seriously, we are talking about a device that puts a plus sign or a dot through a piece of glass.  Yes, I could spend $1000 on a tennis racket, but I think I’ll be ok with a $200 one, especially because I don’t play tennis.

I zeroed my scope with a quick release mount from American Defense.  It has a single lever that secures the scope.  It’s actually really awesome to be able to easily switch between open sights and the scope.
Although, with the open sights, I pretty much hit nothing that I wanted (20MOA), at 100 yards.  This was my first attempt at open sights on this rifle, and I have not made any adjustments on the open sights.  I’ll zero them at 50m on another date.

The manual says after 1000 rounds, I should clean it.  That’s one fifth of the barrel life.
I did see some some build up on the front of the rifle, where the piston system expels gas.  It looked exactly like the carrier would look after a couple hundred rounds through a direct impingement system, except it wasn’t in a place that matters.  I think I could burn the barrel before I would get any malfunction.

I’m so happy that this was my first AR rifle.  I couldn’t do any better for what I wanted.
The AK is obsolete.

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