Love Story

So, I saw this movie from 1970, that was recommended to me. It’s called “Love Story.” Clearly, there were people in my family that this movie shaped.

Not only that, but I knew a Russian girl that sang me the theme song from this film, in Africa and I thought it was a Russian song. That girl was the best singer I’ve ever heard, but she doesn’t sing anymore, despite my attempts to get her to go pro. She didn’t ever professionally sing at that time and she still doesn’t sing. What a waste of talent. I hope she sings for her daughter.

I also heard the same song in Las Vegas at a show. That show is gone now, too.

I guess we hear things from the past, don’t appreciate them, forget them, and then remember them once we cannot use them anymore. Maybe it’s still possible to appreciate them and understand them.

Like Tears in Rain

Sometimes there just aren’t enough tears you can shed. You get tired of crying. Tired of caring. Death becomes us, always, so what is it that we are supposed to learn?

I’ve seen and heard so many stories. More stories than my ancestors. I’ve learned so much about this universe.

Here I am, writing on something that I can see, that is magic. Magic is in all of us. Do something magical today.

Islamic Terrorists Suck Pig Balls and Ass

Islamic terrorists are like pig asses, but I’m not going to focus on pictures depicting The Prophet Mohammed fucking pigs or taking large or small, pig dicks in his ass. I will make some brief points on the subject and will include only a couple images in this regard.

This commentary should only be taken very seriously, and no one is allowed to laugh while reading this at any time, due to sharia law which does not allow for laughter, especially if you are gay. I will also mention that in the images depicted, no muslims were allowed to ejaculate into the pig’s asses, at any time, so no harm was caused. The pigs were allowed to give head to the jihadists, and that was done with the traditional holy knife that is used for head giving/taking throughout the Muslim world.

*Pictures coming soon*

What is a Nigger, today?

Words change meanings over time and a nigger today, is not the nigger of yesterday.

Today, a nigger is a person who gets offended when you say the word “nigger,” in any context. Many niggers even use the term “nigger,” and say it frequently, but all niggers get angry when others use the term “nigger,” whether they themselves use “nigger” or not.

Typically, niggers get very angry, offended, and call you a racist if you say the word, “nigger.” If you are unlucky or famous, they will yell at you or try to physically attack you. It is best to avoid niggers as much as possible, for safety reasons.

Someone who says, “What’s up my nigger,” or “What’s up my nigga,” are not always niggers, so don’t assume that because someone uses the word “nigger,” that they are a nigger. Although some that use the word “nigger,” are niggers.

Niggers always have a sense of entitlement. They believe that they are better than you. They believe that they know more than you, and that they are more moral than you. They are dictators.

This sums up the modern meaning of “nigger” in America, today. If you have had any recent experience with niggers in their native environment, like government, education, healthcare, or public transportation, please comment and tell us about your experience.

President Elect Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden

America has never existed without controversy, and that is a trend that will continue, until its death.

Joe is definitely the most corrupt President Elect that America has had in my lifetime. That is saying a lot, because Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were also President of the United States. Americans couldn’t get enough of the sleazy, used car salesman style that Bill was renowned for, nor could they get enough of the racism that Obama peddled.

Joe has been in the government, nearly his entire adult life. Smart people might see that as a red flag. Others don’t see that as a problem, or actually, they might see that as a benefit. Either way, Joe Biden is one of the most experienced politicians in America today.

My predictions:

Joe Biden will live for at least 4 years. He has the money from taxpayers from his entire adult life to keep himself alive, like a Hollywood star. Some people say he will be murdered, but those people don’t really know how politics works. It’s best if they keep him alive.

The Swamp will make nearly all the decisions for him. He is the perfect figurehead, like the Queen of England, but without the intelligence, morality, and diligence.

He won’t destroy the country, massively more than other Democrat Presidents have in the last 35 years.

He will hurt Americans a lot. He will create more agencies like the TSA, FBI, or the IRS, that will hurt Americans for decades and which won’t be abolished. He will continue the depression that was created when tyrannical, Democrat Governors destroyed their state economies, but those effects will only come to serious fruition toward Biden’s second and third year. People think that the shit has hit the fan now, which is only partially true, because the shit show has just started.

What do I think about the current Governors’ tyranny?

Nazare’s politicians have banned surfing.  They blame the ban on health benefits.

It’s time to start destroying these people in government who destroy lives with their tyranny.  We, the people, need to remind future politicians that they do not have the power to harm our lives, just because they are greedy, evil fuckers, on the take.
When they come after us, we go after them.
Shutdowns, bans, and mandatory attire are unconstitutional and un-American.

New Zealand jails kids for sharing videos, which is fine, because New Zealand isn’t America. In L.A., the mayor is trying to force masks on children wanting to buy food. Garcetti forcing masks, is no different than the NAZIs forcing people to wear a gold star, except for the excuses given by each dictator.

Government politicians that advocate for lockdowns and Socialism are the enemy.

The world is going totalitarian. If Americans won’t stand up for freedom, than freedom in the world will die, for a long while.
We all need to fight the harm that our state governments have been intentionally inflicting on us. If peaceful disobedience doesn’t work, then violence is our only hope.

This is a call for open, physical defense against government tyranny, violence, and oppression.

We Are the Champions

We cannot live in fear.

It’s been 8 months of the most horrific tyranny that I’ve ever seen in America, in my lifetime. Every 100 years or so, all the idiots of the last generations die, thankfully.

I admit, that the boomer generation’s behavior was predictable. They came off the sixties high, and remembered the fifties bliss.

Take off the masks and fight, you old fuckers. We need you.

How Apple Treats and Thinks About Your Ideas

“Apple and its employees and contractors do not accept, review or consider any unsolicited ideas, works, materials, proposals, suggestions, artwork, content or the like, including for advertising campaigns, promotions, products, services, technologies, product enhancements, processes, marketing strategies, product names, content or creative materials (all of the foregoing “submissions”). Please do not send or provide any submissions in any form to Apple or any of its employees or contractors.”

That pretty much sums it up.

Oscars 2020

I have no idea how a couple of these movies made it into the Oscars for Best Picture this year.

Ford v Ferrari

Oh wait, I lied.

I do have an idea.

They were token nominations to support the new foreign language films that are to come. Anyone want to take a bet that next year it won’t be a foreign language film? $500?

If the Oscars had nominated the typical, insane, feminist, racist, misandristic, gay, transgender, anti-conservative, narratives that they have been for the last 16 or so years, then they would have felt a massive backlash from . . . well, everyone actually.
This way, they only hear it from the rare people, who are able to see through their game.
Most Conservatives will be happy that there were a couple films that got nominated, that weren’t overly insane. They are shocked, actually . . . and I admit, I’m pretty shocked too.
This took a lot of effort from the crazies in Hollywood.

Like the Nevada referendum on the ballot that made recreational marijuana legal, it’s a dual edged sword. Like liquor licenses in Nevada, a marijuana license to grow, sell, or deliver, is a way to print money, and government cronyism is 100% in control.

Yes, you made a couple good films that weren’t completely insane. You win a cookie, and thank you. I enjoyed them both.

“Parasite” is the biggest shit stain on a pair of underwear that’s been worn for the last 20 years.

Why Parasite is such a Bad Movie

It’s in a foreign language. It’s slow and boring. The story leads nowhere. The characters are vacuous, criminals. It’s not entertaining. It won an Oscar.

Parasite is actually worse than Moonlight. I didn’t think that was possible for an Oscar winner. The Oscars have really redefined themselves. They aren’t for entertainment or good storytelling anymore, they are just a political group determined to destroy themselves and everyone else, through Communism/Socialism/Leftism using the Democrat Party and self absorbed rich people.