Rape Culture Doesn’t Exist

A dick going into a pussy, in America,  is quite common.  A bullet going into a person’s brain, in America,  is far less common . . . by like, a lot.  When a woman can accuse anyone of rape, with no evidence, and be supported by “The Law,” there is a massive legal and culture problem.  In this case, it’s all about America.

Woman are pussies.  If we can’t agree on that, then you should stop reading this and whine about it to your other “sentient” weirdoes.  Also, if you can’t agree that women are pussies, then fuck you, you worthless piece of shit.  I hope you die soon.

Wow.  That felt good, using those “violent,” Leftist, tactics to shut down discussion.  I understand why it’s so prevalent from the Left and why Antifa loves violence . . . The emotions are exciting.

Any normal guy knows it feels awful to know that another man’s dick went into the girl you care for.  It’s normal biology.  If a dick goes into a pussy, it shouldn’t be up to “the woman,” to decide whether a crime has been committed or not.  Islam understands this.  A woman’s value to society is that she is basically, an emotional and social vessel . . . why again did the US give women the ability to vote?

Women in Muslim cultures know when they have been assaulted . . . which is why there is so little “rape” in those communities.  Why are there “rape” laws in the United States? . . . it’s because the men that make the rules want to repress other men’s lives, so that they can break the rules and get all the pussy that they want.  Men are violence vessels.

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