SW Steakhouse, after Steve Wynn Sold His Shares

My reviews on Google Maps, which is the best mapping platform on the planet, are being wasted, on Google. They don’t pay me, and they are the antithesis of evil in American politics.
I thought that the SW Steakhouse was the best restaurant in Las Vegas . . . but I’d never been there before.
So I went, and took my family.
Here’s how the three-out-of-five-star-meal went:

Both, the Sanuki, Wagyu, and the Filet Mignon were absolutely perfect.
The steak tartar was good.
The Seafood Spectacular was charred, in a way, that gave it a “steak-like” flavor. I didn’t like that, but if you want seafood, go to Lakeside.

I came for the Kobe beef, but they didn’t have it, tonight, and it wasn’t on the menu.

The service was quite good, from the general service staff. Plates were removed promptly and water was kept full.
Hosting was accommodating, even when we showed up an hour early.
I was disappointed with our waiter, Fernando’s service. He seemed to be a down-to-earth person, while on the job, at what I thought to be the best restaurant in Vegas. I expected to have a lot more formality. Instead, he actually tried to talk me out of the most expensive item on the menu, recommending that I try the American Waygu before trying the Japanese Sanuki.

Because it was my Mom’s birthday, I wanted everything to be perfect. I had a flower arrangement ordered for the table, and the Wynn did a perfect job with that. I also had a pre-authorization to pay for everything, and that completely flopped. At the end of the meal, Fernando was unable to find any preauthorization (not his fault, probably). I paid on the spot with a standard bill.

For a three person meal, at over $700 (with the tip), SW Steakhouse was fine. The ambiance was nice and my Mom liked it.

However, there are quite a few places in Vegas that have the same, or better, everything; be it food quality, service, or prices.

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