What do I think about the current Governors’ tyranny?

Nazare’s politicians have banned surfing.  They blame the ban on health benefits.


It’s time to start destroying these people in government who destroy lives with their tyranny.  We, the people, need to remind future politicians that they do not have the power to harm our lives, just because they are greedy, evil fuckers, on the take.
When they come after us, we go after them.
Shutdowns, bans, and mandatory attire are unconstitutional and un-American.

New Zealand jails kids for sharing videos, which is fine, because New Zealand isn’t America. In L.A., the mayor is trying to force masks on children wanting to buy food. Garcetti forcing masks, is no different than the NAZIs forcing people to wear a gold star, except for the excuses given by each dictator.

Government politicians that advocate for lockdowns and Socialism are the enemy.

The world is going totalitarian. If Americans won’t stand up for freedom, than freedom in the world will die, for a long while.
We all need to fight the harm that our state governments have been intentionally inflicting on us. If peaceful disobedience doesn’t work, then violence is our only hope.

This is a call for open, physical defense against government tyranny, violence, and oppression.

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